John supports Texas taking part in medicaid expansion. Currently, our state leaders are leaving ten billion dollars at the federal level while letting rural hospitals close. The more strain that exists on rural hospitals, the more likelihood people from surrounding communities come to Lubbock's county hospital and put unnecessary strain on our hospital.


Politicians love to tout the "Texas Miracle" but never mention that Texas lags behind several states in business capital investment. Texas resists forward-thinking companies in their efforts to do business in the state. John will work to bring tech jobs to the South Plains and work to create a tech hub out of Texas Texas Tech University.
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Public Education

John's first job was working in the I.T. department of a school district. Both his boys attended Lubbock public schools and his wife, Debra, works for LISD. John is a strong supporter of public education and will never support efforts to profiteer off of our children. John supports fully funding public education and reexamining accountability methods.


We have a cure for homelessness, we just need the political will to do something about it. John would apply a very small amount of the state budget to alleviate the problem.

Criminal Justice

As recent events have shown, we have a long, long way to go to end the racial divisions in our country. John will draft legislation to change our criminal justice system that reinforces these racial problems.

Gerrymandering &
Voting Rights

How can anyone oppose every citizen having the right to vote? Yet, that is exactly what some in Austin support. It is harder to get a state ID than it is to get a passport. John supports having a valid ID to vote but opposes efforts impede voting. John supports the appointment of an independent commission to oversee drawing voting boundaries.


Drive south of Lubbock on the Lamesa Highway and the night sky is aglow with the flames of natural gas flaring. A couple of hours west is a planned nuclear waste dumping ground. Pesticides could be making a cancer-cluster in the South Plains. Droughts wreck our farms. We need strong representation in the Legislature to protect our region and preserve our environment.


Policing immigration is a responsibility of the federal government. Yet, our state government spends nearly a billion dollars of the state budget on this, instead of fully funding public education, repairing a broken foster care system and building new mental health facilities. John supports returning us to proper budget priorities in these areas.


Agriculture policy is another policy that is a responsibility of the federal government. But more funding for roads and bridges, giving grants to rural development, and investing in community colleges also serve our agricultural communities and are things in which Lubbock could serve as a hub and catalyst for implementation and oversight.