John Gibson is running for
Texas House District 84

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Meet John Gibson

Hard work.

From putting himself through college to a career in the law, John Gibson has always worked hard.
John Gibson grew up in the Houston area to working class parents. His dad was a machinist and his mom managed a doctor's office. John attended college on an AFL-CIO scholarship through his dad's union. When that wasn't enough to pay the bills, he took a full-time job where he would go to work at 6:00 am and then go to school full time in the afternoon and evenings. He graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in political science. While at UH, he had a number of accomplishments. One of them was that he was the youngest person ever elected to a county-wide position in the Harris County Republican Party. He left the Republican Party, though, when a party member and fellow Christian challenged him to a fist-fight over a political disagreement. He thought he would stay out of politics, but life took him to Lubbock.

West Texas values.

Faith, family, career, community.
John married a gal from Muleshoe, Texas--Debra Bouchelle. She talked him into attending law school at Texas Tech. They liked Lubbock so much, they bought a house while John was in law school and they decided that Lubbock was where they wanted to put down roots and raise a family. They raised two sons, Jonathan, a graduate of Lubbock High School, and Georgetown University, who is now a Justice Fellow with Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative, in Montgomery, Alabama, and Ben, who is a senior at Coronado High School and will attend Lubbock Christian University this fall. John and Debra are long-time members of Monterey Church of Christ where they have both been ministry leaders at various times. Debra’s family has a family farm outside Childress, Texas.

Helping those who need help the most.

John has spent his career helping people, not big business.
After graduating law school, John wanted to help workers like the members of the AFL-CIO that had helped put him through college. He decided to practice law for people injured under the Texas workers' compensation system, a terrible system that is skewed completely in favor of insurance companies and big business. John has achieved numerous accolades in his career. John is one of the most sought after workers comp attorneys in the state and his work has taken him to several foreign countries. He has been hired by first responders, nurses, teachers, professional athletes, and even insurance executives injured on the job.

The future is now.

Creating a better place for our children and grandchildren.
In addition to owning his own law firm, John is the principal owner of Docably, a cloud-based, legal document assembly service that uses artificial intelligence to create legal documents. John is on the cutting edge of the technological changes that are coming to business and has the knowledge and background to represent Lubbock in the future.

John wants to represent Lubbock in the state legislature because he is tired of politicians that want to look to the past. John wants to work with people of all backgrounds and get things done for the future of our children and our grandchildren.